How to keep tidy child room

By designing a room for a child you should pay your attention to proper space organization to keep all toys and other items in order. 

If you design a room for an infant, try to organize main places for most important things storage such as clothes, towels, blankets and bedclothes. The bes solution is a capacious dresser- drawers can contain all stuff mentioned above while the top of the dresser can be used as a changing station (thanks to a removable changing station). There can be also diapers and baby accessories placed within arm's reach. 

As the time goes by, there will be much more toys and baby accessories in your baby's room- baby carousels, rollers, cuddly toys. We can reccomend you boxes, trunks and blanket boxes made of wood or wicker. These pieces of furniture are stylish and elegant. What's more, all you have to do to hide the mess is to close a lid. 

To keep your baby's room tide, you necessary need many boxes for accessories, little items and so forth. If you are not a plastic boxes lover, you will love our white wicker boxes with liners in different colour versions. First, these boxes will be useful for baby accessories storage, then, they will be a great pleace for all baby treasures.   

While designing an interior for an older child, you should take care of space organization needed for storage bigger toys and books. Thanks to a bookshelf you will keep all child items in order. Clothes, jackets and shoes can be stored in one of our capacious wardrobes. 

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