Peaceful sleep

Take care of your baby's peaceful sleep

Babies, especially the youngest ones, spend time mostly on sleeping and resting. Therefore it is important to take care of creating the best place for sleeping. 

Appropriate colours

The most important thing in an interior where your child rest and sleep is to create a peaceful and calm atmosphere. We can create it by choosing appropriate colours- a baby's room should be kept in light pastel colours. Of course, bright and flashy colours play an important role in baby's progress but only during playing or learning new skills.

Baby cot location

A baby cot cannot be placed near a door- on a communication route. The most important and time-consuming baby care activity is feeding. To make it more comfortable, we suggest to place a baby cot near a feeding armchair. Owing to this, you don't have to wake up your baby at night by carrying it to the other side of the room.

Choosing bedclothes

Choosing bedclothes

To provide a calm atmosphere needed for your baby's peaceful sleep, toy should pay attention to your bedclothes. It should be made of pastel, light colours, sewn of high-quality cotton which is soft for baby skin. It should not be equipped in any zip fastener or buttons for the sake of safety. If you want your baby to feel even more comfortable, you can put into a baby cot a cuddly which smells like you. 

Appropriate lighting

The next important aspect is choosing proper lighting products. A small lamp standing on a dresser will provide you a warm and non intense light and let your baby sleep tight at night.

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