Birth present ideas

Akcesoria i przytulanki

How to choose a perfect gift for the youngest member of your family or your friends' baby? How to reach a compromise between elegance, high-quality and at the same moment, add to a gift a personal accent? We present our gift propositions which meet expectations even the most demanding customers.

Toys with name embroidery

A beautiful souvenir and, at the same time, a great decoration to baby's room - textile picture with baby's name embroidery decorated with little shoes made of crewel.

Baby blanket

Caramella blankets are sewn of two layers of warm and soft fleece. Thanks to it proper size and shape blankets are perfect for being used in cribs, baby carriages, cots and also as a bolster for an infant baby.

Pomysł na prezent z okazji chrzcin

Summer time is the time spent with familly and friends. This is the time when most parents organize a baptism ceremony of their babies. All presents and gifts for a baby should be a special token of remembrance. We suggest to avoid toys to be a baptism gift. The better is to give items which will remind us about that special day. We should find a gift which is a composition of elegance, high-quality and personalized accent. Caramella offers products with embroideries which can be a perfect solution. We offer also many gift sets in many colours.

Bedclothes and blankets from our gift sets are made of high-quality textiles what makes them perfect for soft baby's skin. Baptism accessories can be decorated with baby's name embroidery or the date of the baptism. Caramella gifts are beautiful and elegant and are kept for many years to be a token of remembrance.  What is more, all our products are beautifully packed.

Baptism blanket

If the baptism day is cold or windy, we suggest to provide your baby a white blanket decorated with satin flounce. 

Set of baby bedclothes and blanket

An elegant set of baby bedclothes made of satin high-quality cotton and matching blanket. A classic composition of white colour and timeless flounce with richeliey embroidery. The set is also available in different colours.

The set of baby bedclothes with cot bumper

An elegant set of bedclothes made of satin high-quality cotton and matching cot bumper. This universal design with neutral beige colours can be perfect both for a girl and a boy. 

Baby bedclothes

The main features of our bedclothes is high-quality cotton, classic design and care of every detail. Instead of stereotypical child designed bedclothes, we propose stylish and elegant patterns.

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