What are the deadlines for orders?

The deadline for implementation depends on the product category. In the case of furniture and most accessories, we maintain high inventory levels and execute orders immediately after receiving the payment (up to 5 days). We manufacture upholstered furniture for an individual customer's order within 36 days. Window decorations and products sewn by our atelier according to the customer's specification are realized within 21 days, and personalization on the finished product is made up to 5 days. The availability of wallpaper varies depending on the manufacturer from 14 to 21 business days. Orders are sent after completing all products.

Is it possible to send abroad?

We carry out foreign orders. The accessories are sent via DPD courier company, and the furniture is delivered by means of a re-load transport valued each time based on the location of the delivery and the "dimensions" of the load.

Czy w Caramella można kupować na raty?

Wszystkie produkty Caramella – zarówno meble jaki i akcesoria można kupić na raty korzystając z systemu Raty PayU. Więcej szczegółów w zakładce Zakupy na raty.

What does the room design service look like?

We prepare the room design based on Caramella furniture and accessories. The service includes a room projection, an overview 3D visualization and an offer presenting the proposed products. The customer receives a complete concept of the interior in the dimension of furniture placement, development of walls, windows and colors. 3D visualization is very realistic and allows you to imagine the future interior.

Is it possible to order furniture with different dimensions or a different color?

The furniture of the French, romantic, modern lines are produced in large batches and have constant, unchanging dimensions and colors. In the case of hampton and chesterfield upholstered beds, we can adapt the dimensions to the customer's requirements. The colors can be changed in all upholstered furniture (beds, armchairs, chairs and poufs) by changing the fabric.

Is it possible to order accessories according to individual specifications?

At the customer's request, we can make changes in the colors and dimensions of all sewn products. Our atelier is able to sew every product according to the customer's expectations and design, as well as personalize the embroidery. In addition, we sew all window decorations (curtains, blinds, valances). More information in the Atelier tab.

What is the wish list and how does it look like?

The wish list contains products that a future mom would like to receive on the occasion of the birth of a child, a baby shower or a small room. We handle the list and its implementation.


What are the options for delivering large orders, e.g. furniture?

Orders with large dimensions can be picked up by using a transport company cooperating with Caramella. Transport is always priced individually based on the location of the place of delivery. When purchasing via an online store, the system shows a PLN 0 shipment, to which should be added the cost of the valued transport.

Are Caramella products manufactured in accordance with safety standards?

Caramella furniture complies with the EN 1727: 1998 safety standards. Materials used in production, such as MDF, HDF or laminated particle boards have safety certificates and meet the E1 class hygiene standards. Varnishes used in production are safe for the child. They have hygienic certificates of the National Institute of Hygiene. They meet the requirements of the European standard EN 71-3: 1994 regarding the content of harmful substances and heavy metals. All drawers and doors are equipped with a self-closing mechanism. The beds meet the safety requirements of European standards EN 716-1: 1995 and EN 716-2: 1995. The chests meet the requirements of the European standard EN 12221-1: 1995, EN 12221-2: 1995.

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