Antosia's room - Sylwia Bomba's daughter

The room of Sylwia Bomba's daughter is kept in grey-white-powder tones. The base is created by light gray walls in warm grey colour and perfectly matched wallpaper with stars. It is complemented by accessories in shades of white and powder pink, which is Antosia's favorite color.

The central point is occupied by the Classic bed supplemented with furniture from the modern line and accessories from the Powder Collection. The room has a play corner - a mini table with chairs and a lot of places to store toys - baskets on the shelf and a wicker chest. A beautiful decoration is a gallery of three-dimensional pictures with feathers.

Sylwia also used the services of the Caramella atelier to order a bedspread, a set of personalized bedding, a window sill decoration and velour curtains with a cuff.

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