The second room of Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan son

Below we present Henryk's second room, decorated after moving to a new house. Małgosia wanted to completely change the interior design. Since Henryk is already two years old, the room is not typically a baby room. The central point is a toddler bed, supplemented with French Line furniture, a modern armchair and a trunk. The room has a mini table with chairs and a lot of place to store toys - wicker boxes, baskets on a shelf and an upholstered trunk. The color of the decorative elements has been changed from light gray to white combined with beige and very stylish black accents. The background is a wallpaper with classic white and beige stripes.

All accessories and decorations come from the Modern Classic collection. These are pillows, lamps, baskets, bedding and care items. Małgosia also used the services of Caramella atelier, ordering a set of personalized accessories as well as window sill decorations and a curtain with a cuff.

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