Rozalia Mancewicz's layette for newborn

Rozalia Mancewicz has chosen classic boy colours for her newborn son. She has decided to buy accessories and decoration of our two collections: Azure and Cambridge. However Rozalia has beared in mind that an interior for an infant should be peaceful in order to be a perfect place for relaxing and sleeping.

A baby cot - the most important piece of furniture in an infant's room - comes from our Modern Line which can be composed with every Caramella collection since it is simple and minimalist. 

Rozalia has chosen azure houndstooth baby bedclothes, a cot bumper from The Azure Collection, swaddling blankets made of high-quality bamboo fiber and a grey baby sleeping bag from The Cambridge Collection. To completed the outlook of the room she added cotton grey pillows and blanket. 

Apart from a baby layette, Rozalia has thought about her comfort during feeding time and caring. That's why she decided to purchase a big, comfortable feeding armchair made of grey spotted textile. Our armchairs will be functional in the future - they can be located in the living room.  

A future mum has chosen also lightning products as azure houndstooth sconces and lamps, wicker baskets, soft velour baby station and a wonderful cotton rug. Walls are decorated with pastel graphics of a boy and a wooden letters.



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