Accessories shipment

The accessories are shipped in accordance with the delivery date given on the website, counting from the receipt of the payment on the Caramella account. In the case of personalized products, the deadline may be longer. The price of delivery is automatically generated on the base of ordered products weight and dimensions. The price of delivery includes packages. There is a possibility a Cash of Delivery shipment form.

Orders including more than one product are delivered after all elements completion. Your order is delivered by DPD Poland courier firm in Poland and other European countries.

Costs of courier delivery in Poland

Shipment type

Cost of shipment Content (one product of the group )
A 20 PLN cuddly toys, picture, picture with a bow, decorative bow, hanging decorations, pompons, swaddling blankets
B 20 PLN bedding, protector, blanket, standing lamp, chandelier, small and medium wicker basket, decorative large pillow, small decorative pillow, set of decorative pillows, set of 2 pictures, set of 3 pictures, gift set, carousels, bedding, inscriptions, toys
C 25 PLN big wicker basket, wicker basket, set of 3 wicker baskets, carpet, three-arm chandelier, graphics, baby cocoon, bedding sets, sleeping bag, bedding, wallpapers
D 30 PLN products mentioned above, whose weight and dimensions together exceed the norm of C shipment type
E 35 PLN mirror, mini armchair, standing lamp, triple arm chandelier, animal XL, moses basket, stucco moldings baby mattress, curtain, blind, valanc, pouf, upholstered trunk

Checking the condition of the shipment

Please check the condition of the shipment and its compliance with the order when picking up the order, preferably in the presence of the supplier (even if the carton has not been damaged). In the case of defects or damage to items, please write a protocol describing the condition of the shipment (type, scope, place of damage, defects) and sign it simultaneously by the supplier and recipient of the shipment. Writing down the protocol will facilitate and speed up the consideration of your complaint, and will also be helpful in determining the possible liability of the transport company.

Please, immediately report any deficiencies and damages to the address:

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