Furniture transport

The furniture of the French, romantic, modern and Italian lines are available "on the spot". Upholstered furniture (armchairs, chairs and sofas) are manufactured to individual customer orders. The deadline for implementation is up to 36 working days.

We deliver the furniture primarily by means of re-loading / individual or pallet transport, when the size of the load allows it.

When purchasing via an online store, the system shows a shipping value of 0 PLN, to which should be added the cost of the valued transport. We prepare transport valuations individually based on the type of transport selected, the location of the delivery and the size of the cargo.

The furniture of the French, romantic, modern and Italian lines are issued in flat packages and are intended for self-assembly.

Please check your package during a delivery. In case of any damages, a customer should write a damage protocol in the presence of a deliverer. The protocol is necessary in the process of complaint.

The additional cargo service in Poland

The additional cargo service is a form of transportation many packages of many broadcasters which is organised by a forwarding agent. In practice, we attach our packages to a collective transport which is sent to the same direction of delivery. That solution allows to reduce the tranport cost and that is why it is the most profitable form of transport. The price of a transportation of ordered products is set individually on the base of a place of delivery.

The service includes the tranposrt of package to the right destination, however it does not include unloading products and bringing them to a customer's house. A customer should provide himself help required.

Individual transport in Poland

You may choose the individual transport. We may organize a delivery car which will carry only your packages. The cost of that way of tranposrt is priced on the base of kilometeres there and back- 2 PLN per 1 km. On a customer request, the package can be delivered and unloaded by two deliverers. In that case, the cost of the transport inludes also the payment for a second deliverer.

Pallet transport

Pallet transport in the price of 250 PLN (in Poland) we send armchairs, dressers (changing tables), baby cots, wicker beds and other furniture whose dimensions allow this form of shipment. The service does not include bringing the ordered goods.

Personal collecting

The furniture is delivered to the customer only via a transport company or pallet shipment. There is no possibility of personal collection of furniture.

International transport

We offer international transports which is priced individually on the base of a delivery destination.

Collection / dispatch

Collection / dispatch must take place within 5 business days from the date of the order's readiness to issue / send. This is due to the inability to store missed orders. Unclaimed orders as part of personal pickup (including accessories) will be sent to the customer at his expense. For furniture storage, a daily fee of PLN 10 for one packet will be charged.

Checking the condition of the shipment

Please check the condition of the shipment and its compliance with the order when picking up the order, preferably in the presence of the supplier (even if the carton has not been damaged). In the case of defects or damage to items, please write a protocol describing the condition of the shipment (type, scope, place of damage, defects) and sign it simultaneously by the supplier and recipient of the shipment. Writing down the protocol will facilitate and speed up the consideration of your complaint, and will also be helpful in determining the possible liability of the transport company.
Please, immediately report any deficiencies and damages to the address:

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