Antibacterial mattress for toddler


A mattress for a toddler cot made of modern thermoelastic foam with high elasticity and optimal hardness. It is very resistant to deformation. It also has a system of horizontal ventilation channels that allow air to circulate and remove excess heat. The mattress is equipped with a cover made of nanotechnology fabric with antibacterial properties. A special knitted fabric coated with silver ions inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, mites and mold, it also supports the removal of moisture from the inside of the mattress and regulates the temperature. The cover is removable for washing (in a washing machine).

DIMENSIONS: 160 x 80 x 11 cm

NOTES: the mattres fits Dream Bed, Cosmopolitan Bed and Modern Classic Bed. The color of the foam may vary depending on the production batch

PRODUCER: Caramella
Product code: MAT80160
Ean: 5906742671551
Availability: special order - shipping within 14 days
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