Completing layette

Completing layette

The magic time of waiting for a baby is full of joy and sensations. Nine months are full of different thoughts, joyful planning and waiting for a new member of family. Completing a layette for a baby is one of the most important thing for a young mother. We suggest you how to complete layette for your baby.

The first and the most important furniture for your baby is a baby cot. That's why young parents dedicate lot of time for choosing the right cot. It is worth to pay attention on its functionality and aesthetic. Caramella's baby cots are always a great choice. You can be sure that our cots are products wchich will be usefull for a long time because it can be changed into a small sofa.

Next important step for completing your baby layette is to choose a baby changing station and a dresser. A young mother spends a lot of time on baby care activities therefore it is important to organize properly a baby changing station. All cosmetics and other baby products have to be placed within arm's reach. Dresser equipped with drawers can contain baby cloths and blankets, while cosmetics and diapers can be placed on the top of the dresser in handy organizers such as wicker boxes or quilted cotton boxes. These boxes will be useful for many years for toys or books storage.  The next important aspect in baby room is lighting- a lamp standing on a dresser will provide you a warm and non intense light felpful during evenings and at night. 

The baby world is full of different colours and shapes which have an influence on your baby's imagination. For that reason, the place designed for rest should be neutral, without any bright colours. It is worth to choose bedclothes in pastel colours to create calm atmosphere. Bedlothes for babies and children should be sewn of high-quality cotton which is soft for their skin. Bedchlothes should not be equipped in any zip fasteners or buttons. To complete your baby's cot or bed look, you can add matching blankets and cot bumpers. 

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