Stylish baptism

Stylish baptism

Spring and summer time is the time spent with familly and friends. This is the time when most parents organize a baptism ceremony of their babies. How to organize a baptism party? What baptism outfit should be chosen? How to choose a baptism gift for a little baby?

It seems that even a traditional cerenomy such as baptism is ruled by fashion and modern trends. For all of you, who pay attention to every aspect of baptism and want to celebrate this special ceremony, we present few fresh information related to baptism. 


Nowadays, a baptism ceremony is not only for infants but often for older children and a white colour is not longer an only proper baptism colour. Today parents choose colours such as baby pink, azure, grey or ecru, colours which are always elegant and stylish.

Baby outfit

Baptism fashion offers countless possibilities: classic dresses,  'old-fashion' shirts decorated with richelieu embroidery for girls, vests, cardigans, trousers with braces and little caps for boys. We can choose whatever we want. the most important is to make this day a special and unforgettable celebration.

however, accessories are also important. Baby shoes don't have to be white and classic anymore and more and more often we can notice baby jewellery products around us. We may also use fresh flowers as a decoration. Every little girl wish to feel as a little princess so a wreath on her head will look perfect. In addition, you may use bracelets with little flowers. 


Party decorations

The place where the party is going to take place has to be decorated - no matter if it's your house or a restaurant. The latest trend of baptism party is to personalize decorations of the place - preparing table setting and buffet with sweets and candies, hanging medallions and garlands, and taking care of small gifts for guests. All these elements can be decorated with baby's name and the date of the baptism. Decorations should fit to baby's outfit, flowers and even baptism accessories. The most effective is to pay attention even to the smallest detail. 


All presents and gifts for a baby should be a special token of remembrance. Every mother keep those baptism souvenirs for many years. We suggest to avoid toys to be a baptism gift. The better is to give items which will remind us about that special day. We should find a gift which is a composition of elegance, high-quality and personalized accent.

Nowadays, people often choose personalized products, created specially for the chosen person. We can choose jewellery, silver spoons or rollers with engraver, bedclothes with monogram or baptism accessories with baby's name embroideries. Those things will make this special day unforgettable.

During all baptism preparations we should put in baptism celebration our heart to make this day special. On the other hand, we should remember that party, decorations and gifts is an only addition to these important moments in your baby's life.

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