Wallpaint dusty blue light

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Latex paint for walls and ceilings in the perfect shade of light cold blue. It is so light and delicate that the room will not be too blue. The shade matches the Baby Blue collection and blue Caramella wallpapers. The shade is a tone lighter than the paint dusty blue.

Thanks to the innovative technology, the paint is extremely resistant to washing. It is extremely efficient, durable and easy to apply. Creates a flexible coating that is extremely easy to clean. It is suitable for painting almost any surface. It will work well in a dry room as well as in a room exposed to steam and moisture. It is characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage, washing or scrubbing. Perfect for a child's room, where it is easy to get dirty. The paint is so universal that, apart from walls and ceilings, it is also perfect for painting other surfaces, such as: wood, metal or even clinker brick. The effect of the application of the paint is a strong, smooth coating with an ultra-matte finish. The

Caramella paints collection was created in cooperation with the Canadia brand, the best specialist in the field of paints, primers and plasters. Paints created according to a unique Canadian recipe have recognized approvals and certificates. They are ultra-abrasion-resistant, efficient, highly opaque (1-2 layers are enough), streak-free, vapor-permeable and environmentally friendly.


NOTES: the price is for a can of paint, available in 2 volumes: 3 l and 5 l. The paint efficiency is up to 20 m2 from 1 liter (one painting depending on the type of substrate)

PRODUCER: Caramella
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