Wallpaper with blue dots and stars (to size)


White wallpaper with dots and stars in a shade of cold light blue. Its color matches to the Baby Blue collection, it will also be a perfect background for beige and gray accessories. It is possible to buy stucco moldings to create unique wall decoration.

Type: wallpaper with interlining substrantee

Dimensions: any, individually adjusted

Notes: the price is for 1 square meter of wallpaper, the target size is individually adjusted to the size of the wall. For example the cost of wallpapering a wall measuring 300cm x 280cm is 756 PLN. We set the price each time according to the client's guidelines. Give us the dimensions of the wall, we will give you the exact price.

PRODUCER: Caramella
Product code: TAPBGG01
Availability: special order - shipping within working 10 days
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