For our Customers from Poland, we recommend Markus Company - the specialists in paperhanging in Poland:

Maciej Kusy, tel. 500 203 880
Łukasz Martyński, tel. 508 132 930

We attach below practical tips and advices for prepearing walls for paperhanging process. The job should be done by a repair crew before paperhanging:

1. The paperhanging process should be done at the end of the renovation. Do not rush - in the other case the wallpapers may need to be replaced. Many of wallpaper types - especially those material cannot be hang if your repair crew is lapping the walls. 

2. Walls should be perfectly smooth, prepeared the same way like to being painting. The wallpapers do not cover irregulal parts of the walls; moreover they will be brought out.

3.The colour of the walls should be homogeneous, because many wallpapers after paperhanging are a bit transparent. Do not use the priming paints.

4. The walls should be primed by Ceresit CT 17 and the process should be repeated three times at an interval of 1 day before paperhanging, necessary by paintbrush. Do not add water to the primer or use other specifics than given. The processes of wall priming should be done at the interval of 4 hours.

5. Walls and ceiling should be painted and the colour of them should cover few millimeters of the paperhanging walls. 

6. The baseboards, doorframes and any other wooden or stone parts which will be adhered to paperhanging walls should be siliconed. This is not possibile after the paperhanging.

7. Sockets and switches should be removed. All furniture should be removed from the wall at least for a meter.

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