Ceiling moudling 6 cm


An elegant ceiling moudling- an oblique facet designed for installation between walls and a ceiling. It is made of hard fabric resistan to damages. The moulding is covered with primer ready to apply other paints eg. acrylic. It is light, resistant to water and moisture, may be cleaned, non-inflammable and non-toxic. Long moundling sections allow to avoid many connections. Thanks to fabric used, moundlings are flexible hence you can install them even on irregular surfaces. 


DIMENSIONS: 6 x 6 cm, lenght 200 cm

NOTES: Mouldings are sold in 200 cm section (the price affects one moulding section). To calculate the moulding amount needed, add together lenghts of every walls (measured at the floor), substract widths of wall gaps (windows, doors), and then add 5-10% for connections and possible loss.

Product code: MD145
Availability: shipping within 5 working days
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