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Child room

How to design a room for a child

As the time goes by, there is more and more functions that are fulfilled by a child room. This place is the bedroom, the playroom, the learning room and the meeting room at the same time. Designing that kind of interior is a huge enjoyment, but, more often, a great challenge. That is why, we will show you how to create a functional and cozy interior for a child in few simple steps.

By designing a child interior you should remember that this room will be probably the most dynamic place at your house. Children grow up and their needs and interests quickly change. Bearing this in mind, we should focus on inevitable coming changes at the begining to design this room to be useful and functional for many years.

To design a child room you should pay attention to some important things:

Step 1: Furnitures for years

Step 1: Furnitures for years

Basic elements in a child room are furniture of course. Most basic and most necessary furniture are surely a baby cot and a changing station. These elements can be enriched by a dresser, a wardrobe and a bookshelf.

In next few years, a baby cot is replaced by a child bed. The place for studying can be organized by using a desk. All things considered, it is worth to choose a furniture producer who makes it possible to buy many furniture of one line. 

Solid, classic furniture are a perfect base for a child room. Colourful, decorated with animals furniture might seem more interesting and attractive, but after some time, these furniture may be useless, boring and non aesthetic. The solution is to select timeless and universal furniture and create the magic atmosphere with accessories and decorations. As the time goes by, these accessories can be replaced- remember, it is easier to replace a bedspread than a bed!


Step 2: Colours and lighting

Colours used in a child room creates a visual effect and have an influence on your baby's mood and emotions. Selected colours should create a peacful atmosphere which helps your child to calm and feel comfortable. The youngest children spend a lot of time sleeping and resting- pastel colours for these typical for babies activities. Bright and powerful colours should be used only during the playtime. They can be used also in an older child's interior and places where a child plays and learn new things.

A proper selection of lighting products is also important part of a child interior. The basic top light will light up the whole interior. A lamp standing on a dresser or on a nightstand will provide you a warm non intense light which will be useful especially in the evening or at night. 

Step 3: Organization of space and child items

Step 3: Organization of space and child items

A right furniture arrangement is a special matter for every mother. She has to consider all her future activities during caring for a baby. She has to decide which furniture should be close to each other, which handy accessories should be put near a baby changing station to avoid running from one point to another looking for diapers and baby powder.

A baby cot and a changing station should not be placed near a window to prevent your child from cold. A baby cot cannot be placed near a door- on a communication route. The most important and time-consuming baby care activity is feeding. To make it more comfortable, we suggest to place a baby cot near a feeding armchair.

By designing an interior for an older child, you should take care of space organization needed for playing and toys storage. Thanks to a bookshelf you will keep all baby items in order. We can reccomend you also boxes, trunks and blanket boxes made of wood or wicker. These pieces of furniture are stylish and elegant. What's more, all you have to do to hide the mess is to close a lid. 

To keep your baby's room tide, you necessary need many boxes for accessories, little items and so forth. If you are not a plastic boxes lover, you will love our white wicker boxes with liners in different colour versions. First, these boxes will be useful for baby accessories storage, then, they will be a great pleace for all baby treasures.   

Step 4: Time to be creative- accessories and decorations

Step 4: Time to be creative- accessories and decorations

By choosing accessories and decorations to your baby's room let your imagination run free! As a mother who choose furniture in neutral shades, you can change all accessories and decorations for many times to create completely different visions. 

Accessories and decorations include many products- curtains or window blinds, rugs, bedclothes, bedspreads, decorative pillows, pictures, cuddly toys and many other original items. The first thing you should pay attention to is a quality- eg. high-quality cotton textiles. Then, focus on a design and patterns, which are a finishing touch in your baby's room. These patterns should be unique and original but at the same time universal to be attractive for many years. If you are interested in personalized products, we've got great information for you! We offer many embroidered products such as pictures, bibs, pillows or even cuddly toys.

A well-organised and cozy room will be surely a comfortable and beloved place for not only a baby but also for its parents. We should remember that this interior is a place where you will spend lot of lovely moments with your child.