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Trackimo - safe baby in every situation

Very handy multi-functional device what helps you to provide the security for your children and close family. Thanks to Trackimo you will know the actual location of them and quickly react in case of dangerous situations. Every parent worries about their children who go to school independently or if a baby stays with a nanny. This device can be put into a baby stroller or in a bag to help you calm down. Trackimo is a very small and it does not need a lot of space. It works on the base of GPS signals - after login to mobile application via internet browser, Trackimo send you the actual localization of it. What is more it works all over the world. In addition, the device is equipped with 'SOS' button - after pushing it, the device send you the message via email or SMS.

Buying the Trackimo devices you receive 1-yer subscription. After the year, you can buy additional subscription for any period - the cost of monthly subscribing is 19,90 PLN.