Angelcare diapers pail


A functional Angelcare pail for diapers. It solves the problem of used and unclean diapers and helps to avoid unpleasant smells and bacteria. A qunique construction of pail causes its simplicity in usage and hygienic evacuation. Multi-layer and non-perfume folic bag is smells and bacteria impermeable. No pushing the nappies inside with your hands, no mechanism to twist – simply drop them into the bin and step on the pedal. Nappies disappear, taking all the odours with them. The pail is environmentally friendly because of small usage of foil. One refill can be filled with even 128 unclean diapers (size 2).

DIMENSIONS: height 562 mm, width 247 mm, depth 283 mm


PRODUCER: Angelcare
Product code: POJANGEL
Ean: 0666594090027
Availability: shipping within 48 h
Delivery: Shipment 6€
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